Nailing the Listing Presentation

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Listing presentations are (usually) the first face-to-face interaction you have with your client. Sure, you might have met in passing, or talked over the phone, but this is the prime time where you are fighting for your business. If you want to win every listing, take the following ideas into account. 

1. Create a beautiful presentation.

If you have a book of beautifully designed presentations, you are putting the right foot forward. There's a good saying out there to dress for the job you want. The same goes for your business and listing presentations. If you are painting yourself as an expert that delivers results, your book should show that. Aesthetically pleasing presentations always resonate with your clients. Go the extra mile and make your presentation clean, thoughtful, and beautiful.

2. Listen more than talk.

Now that you have a presentation full of information, it's time to set that aside (for the time being) and listen to your client. You are trying to build a relationship, and your client might not remember what you said, but they'll remember how you made them feel. If you allow them to talk about their house, what they love, what they hate, you'll be able to deliver a more-customized listing strategy for them.

3. Add some personal pages.

If you're planning on leaving your presentation with the clients, add a few personal touches. Highlight facts about yourself and how you can help them sell their listing. When they're trying to decide who to go with, it will help if they can remember why you're awesome!

4. Do your research and ask questions.

Along with #2, ask questions! It's important to know everything about the house so you can be as accurate as possible with your pricing and comparables. Come prepared with questions to ask sellers. Come prepared with an idea of price, so you can adjust it after hearing what your clients have to say.


Although these are easy steps, it's important to remember them. After ahwile, you will be able to find your groove and see what works best for you. These key steps will help you win more listings, earn a higher commission, and get your listing sold!